Group Black in partnership with The Bishop Art Gallery and a cognac brand place the most famous black artist, Basquiat, in the halls of 6 HBCUs for the first time

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The ask

A Cognac brand came to Group Black to help them reach the next generation of Black creators, artists and thought-leaders in an authentic and culturally relevant way, and bring awareness to their HBCU Fellows Program, which is designed to equip the next generation of diverse C-suite leaders through financial assistance, access and experiences.

The execution

We sent The Bishop Art Gallery’s Basquiat exhibit to 6 HBCUs powered by the Cognac brand to provide accessibility to the fine arts like never before. This drove significant impact for young Black audiences, and gave the brand the ability to engage the next generation in a way that connected students to their Fellows Program, and provided them an experience they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

The Results

+10K attendees across 6 HBCUs:

  • Howard
  • Texas Southern 
  • Hampton
  • Clark University 
  • Dillard
  • Tennessee State

“This show literally drove foot traffic to our gallery that we have never experienced before. Clark Atlanta has the largest institutional collection of Black artwork and it's usually out on loan to galleries around the world. But nothing has compared to the success of the Basquiat as we mounted the largest show in house.” - Dean of the arts program at Clark Atlanta: 

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Our Collective

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